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"Quickly after the rehearsals started the cast grew into one big familly and it was the best feeling in the world. Children's Theatre has made me who I am today"

-Emily Henderson alumni

"Interaction with the other kids and meeting new friends gives the kids their time to shine."

-Lisa Yagel, parent

"This is a great experience for children. Ran by the best."

-Lorelei Ann, parent

"There is something special about theatre kids their bonds are endless and accept everyone for who they are and never judge, they accept everyones quirks and differences but come together as one." 

-Jennifer Yucha, parent

"the [last year kids] speeches all had one common statement .. 'I made friends here I never would have made otherwise' ... 'I talk to people here I never would have had I not come here' .... 'I’ve made some really great friends here' . This group and what you teach is bringing kids from all walks of life together and you’re teaching them not only acceptance but true 100% I have your back friendship!  It’s no coincidence these kids all had a similar statement tonight . Beyond a love for theatre you’ve managed to sneak in a life lesson of love and support and friendship. A lesson all our kids are blessed to receive in the very cruel world they are growing up in !" -Amy Barnes, parent

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